February 18th, Tiger at the Zoo

I’ve got some news which I will probably share in the next day or so cause I lazy, however today I was at the zoo.   I never really intended to take any animal pictures, I was intending on trying some natural light portraits of my kids.
Well long story short I got the perfect chance to get a shot of this big guy, so here he is.  You know its amazing I keep hearing people tell me its all about the gear, YET some of my best shots are taken with a prime lens and patience so I wonder just how accurate that assumption actually is?  Anyway stay tuned.

I’m a Winner not a Weiner!!!

Well I said I would have some news and here it is.  I was the winner of Photo Talk Radio’s December HP Photosmart contest with my image… Mystique.

I would like to say a special thanks to Howard Lipin, Michael A. Garcia and Gary Bernstein for this, and taking the time to interview me.  If you get a chance head on over to www.phototalkradio.com and check it out, its a great source of info and fun!

As for me I am “patiently” waiting for my new HP Photosmart 475 so I can take my photos on the road. 😛