January 27th, Building Abstract

Well as you should all know by now the weekend is our time for field trips and this Saturday was no exception.   I really want to show you some landscapes done with this lens, however we in Utah have whats called “inversion”  in simple terms it is smoggy and gross.  So while wandering we were near our city center, and I thought this angle of a building was a bit unique.  Hope you enjoy it!

January 25th, Timon Bobblehead!

Well kiddies I have alot going on today, so many things to do, and so little patience left to do them.  As I was running up the stairs to get my lunch I happened to step on lil Timon, needless to say for an object with no sharp angles that little bugger hurts. 🙂  Well as I sat there deciding upon its fate I decided that it at least needed a portrait so we could always remember poor lil Timon.

January 23rd, Wasabi

Nothing quite like some Wasabi to “spice” up your day  or in my case to shed all over the house. 😛  As you have probably already deduced Wasabi besides being japanese horseradish is also the name of our “modern” siamese cat.   I admit it I’m a bit odd but hey what fun is it when you arent?

January 20th, Chance at the Zoo.

Well today we went to the zoo, this photograph was taken while my son and I were waiting on hot chocolate.  It was all natural lighing no fillers or additives used. 😛  There are some other photos I like from today as well as some that were taken with another lens (OH the horror) I may post tomorrow.  Enjoy.

January 19th, Pearls

Today I was a bad boy again, I just can’t seem to stay away from the World of Warcraft, so todays theme was suggested by my lovely and talented wife Elizabeth.  Its pretty simple pearls on a black background.

Stay tuned for tomorrow is another of my fieldtrips. 😛