April 28th, Cake Flowers

Ok first off today was my Daughters 14th Birthday, so while this picture WAS taken way before midnight, it is being posted after midnight, but it still counts 😛

This is a photograph of the sugar flowers on top of my Daughters Birthday Cake, it was very adult, and I am feeling way too old, and way too tired to have a 14 year old kid. 😛  On the plus side in four years I can kick her out of the house OR make her pay rent. Mwaa haa ha

April 24th, Charly

This is Charly, she is a year and a half old White Lab, she is the replacement for Maddie, who while was a very loving dog, was on some sort of doggie crack, or at the very least was possessed by a devil of some sort.  We are hoping that Charly will be a much more kind and gentle service animal, or at the very least since she is white we can have her exorcised a bit easier. 😛

April 22nd, The Invincible Iron Man

You know of late there has been a whole new set of “cutsie” Marvel Superhero toys geared more towards the younger set.  I got my son Iron Man and Thor today, and I have to say that they are too cute for words. 😛   Now to find the Punisher and Ghostrider, 🙂 nothing quite like a guy with a big ole grin and a bazooka, and a flaming headed skull with a grin to make your day a bit brigher.

April 17th, Smoke

I had seen this technique in an article awhile ago and thought I would give it a try.  Its really quite easy, lock the camera onto a sturdy tripod, put a light at a 90 degree angle, then light up some incense and hope like hell you get a good one. 😛