February 18th, Tiger at the Zoo

I’ve got some news which I will probably share in the next day or so cause I lazy, however today I was at the zoo.   I never really intended to take any animal pictures, I was intending on trying some natural light portraits of my kids.
Well long story short I got the perfect chance to get a shot of this big guy, so here he is.  You know its amazing I keep hearing people tell me its all about the gear, YET some of my best shots are taken with a prime lens and patience so I wonder just how accurate that assumption actually is?  Anyway stay tuned.

February 15th, Red, Red, Rose (Valentine’s Day)

I know Valentine’s Day is over but who can ever resist getting a good photograph of a Rose?  And I have to say its quite interesting to look at something like this from different angles and see that there is just as much interesting from the back as there is from the front.  Enjoy and I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day with the people you wanted to get all smootchy with 🙂

February 13th, Kisses and Other Chocolate Goodies (Valentine’s Day)

Nothing quite like some chocolate goodies for the sweetheart in your life.  And trust me if life really was like a box of chocolates, I would have eaten my way through it at least twice now 🙂

The problem with taking pictures of Kisses is I started out with more than twice the amount, then when I wrapped it up. LoL

I’m honestly not sure what kind o chocolate goodie this is but I think its nutty.