April 12th, World of the Wild 2008 Art Show at Hogle Zoo

Well my friends once again your faithful fiend is a weiner, er winner 🙂  I placed this shot “Closer” into the 2008 World of the Wild Art Show at Hogle Zoo, and Utrech Art Supplies was kind enough to select it as one of their winners.  Also the photograph was selected to go on tour for the year after the show, AND it was sold.  All in all a very good showing for one of my photographs.  I would like to thank Hogle Zoo, Utrech AND the buyer, you are all awesome!!

Unfortunately the show has ended at the Zoo, as I said I get lazy, so here it is for you to look at.  Thanks all

April 8th, Santa Fe 8351 Lionel Electric Train (Scale)

See hopefully you are getting a clue on what I meant by “Scale”, or at least the meaning I playing with today 🙂  This little blast from the past is one of the lionel electric train engines that we had as a kid, at one time the very studio I’m in typing this was filled with Model Train goodness. Its just amazing to me how we remember things, and how things you thought were gone, might just be hiding in a closet.

April 2nd, The Puzzle Piece (Autism)

Well Kiddies Happy World Autism Day!!!  This would be the “official” symbol of Autism, at least to some, for me I personally think the symbol should be the Question Mark, but I’m probably in the minority.  Please take some time today to realize that Autism is a major epidemic effecting 1 in 150 children born today, there is no accepted cause, cure, or reasoning to this, but one day hopefully there will be breakthroughs in this crippling disorder.  Till then remember patience, understanding, and taking the time to walk a mile in someones shoes goes a long way before you judge that child who seems to be acting out and you don’t understand it.  Well back off my soapbox, but I have alot more I can and probably will say at a later date.