May 12 – May 18th Theme!!!

Well I kinda got Iron Man out of my system, it was nice having a week that gave me enough time to play.  But what to do this week?  I was thinking that since Mothers day was yesterday, we should do something in that regard, so my friends this weeks theme is… Mother’s!!!

May 11th, The Infamous Iron Man Slurpee Cup (Iron Man Part Deux)

On this the last day of Official Iron Man photography week I present, the so called “uber” rare Iron Man Head Slurpee cup, thats right for 2.99 plus tax you could take a nice ice cold sip out of Iron Man’s brain!  Why is this piece of plastic infamous?  Well lets see how about ten 7-11’s in our search for it?  course now I have it  and its mine, ALL MINE!!!!! Mwaa haa ha. ( seriously though its a cool bit o swag for the Iron Man movie fan).