June 29th, Flaming Lemonaid (Hot, Hot, Hot)

Ok Ok its not really “flaming” Lemonaid, cause that would be silly, course then again I’m a silly guy 😛

Face it when its hot, nothing beats a cup of ice cold lemonaid.

And this baby is as hot as it gets. Trust me I was about 3 feet away from the burner using a longer lens, and I was still worried I going to have camera flambe.

There is one more photogaph I have in mind for todays theme, hopefully I will get around to it by midnight. If not well enjoy these two!

June 21st, More Macro Roses (Roses)

You know its really fascinating to see the Rose in such close up, at least I think so and since I’m taking the photographs I call the shots. Mmmm thats good Power Trip!!! 🙂

This Rose was shot with light coming from behind it.

This is your more Traditional 90 degree lighting, perfect for showing off the detail in the petals.