July 21st – July 27th Theme!!!

And here we are yet another week down, and here in sunny Utah on the 24th of July we have ourselves a little party, there will be food, fireworks, handcarts, and even some people running about in olde tyme clothes, thats right friends, its Pioneer Day, so for this week the theme shall be… “Heritage”

July 18th The Syringe in Detail (Hurt)

Well friends what can hurt you?  Well a brick to the head perhaps, but trust me a good ole shot to the arm, or more to the point (lol) a foot can cause a whole basket full o hurt.

And what comes after the sharp pointy end you ask?  The lovely numbers showing just how much pain can go into you of course… Silly


July 7th – July 13th Theme!!!

Well the Holiday was fun packed… The contract still intact.  And if you can guess what song that was from, you just earned a cookie.  So I been doing some physical therapy due to a slight encounter with a car and my leg so this weeks theme is a no brainer… “PHYSICAL” 

July 5th, The Day after the Festivities!!! (Independence Day)

Well yesterday was quite the event, we had a cookout, and fireworks, and far more fun than should be allowed by law unless of course you have a fun fun fun licence.


Nothing is quite so good as Jello.

As you can see I believe my youngest might still be wearing some of the jello. 🙂  At least he is enjoying the sparklers!


And finally what photograph set of Independence day would be complete without at least one photograph OF fireworks???