September 28th, Sheep, Sheep and Even More Sheep!!! (Sheep)

You know, you would think it would be much easier to find some sheep in Utah then it is…  I traveled all over the valley, minus my daughter of course, she was too afraid of a SHEEP than to get within a barbed wire fence of.  Personally I think if you know her you should make fun of her for a fear of a walking coat.

A Bountiful Sheep.

A family of Bountiful Sheep.

Not a good sign to see in a pen of Bountiful Sheep!

This is a Murray Sheep, who in all fairness did try to eat my lens shade, and my camera strap…

Bah Ram Ewe!!!

And last but certainly not least, another Murray Sheep, who wasn’t interested in me or my lens hood.

September 14th, Photos from the 2008 Autumn Carnival For Autism (Festivals)

Well I was a busy boy for this little festival for Autistic children, held here in Utah every fall.  All in all I took well over 100 photographs, so needless to say I cut them down…some 😛

You know I really respect any group of people willing to go outside on a hot day and stand around in heavy armored suits, just to take photographs with the kids.  Sadly I don’t know the name of the group that does this, but I going to look into it so I can thank them properly.

For some reason a walking, talking Nemo just scares me… ALOT

Its a bird, its a plane…. no it’s just a train 😉

Either he’s playing with a large bubble wand. OR he about ready to try to rope a calf.

The volunteers for this event are very great with the kids, not only do you get a smile BUT you get a handstamp too.

I don’t know jack, but I do know cheese, or at least cheesy.

Now you know that if there are port a johns, I going to find em, and photograph them.

Look Ma, I’m flying.

You just have to get in there and get dirty!

Ode to a Red Balloon.

Even the peace was being kept.

Would any day be complete without bouncing about on a giant blue ball?

Its a dragon AND a bounce building!!!

She thinks animals are cool.  But show her a maneating sheep and then see what she says.

Just horsing about.

I’m all out of horse quips…

A final cheer for the day!!!.

Wow, its hard enough to imagine putting on a big party like this for people who are just your average joe’s, but to put on something like this for Autistic people and their families, must be like moving a mountain with a tricycle…  Hopefully my photographs paint a picture of just how much fun was had.

September 4th, Various Photographs from the Utah State Fair! (Fair Day)

Ok before the photographs begin, these shots were not taken with my trusty Canon 40D, in fact they were all taken with a Canon A590 IS point and shoot.  Now I know you are probably wondering where I left my mind, and where in the heck do I get it back, however this camera was purchased for my daughter to use for her photography class this year, so I wanted to give it a shot and see how I liked moving into the realm of the tiny and inconspicous.  I’ll report my opinion after the photographs.

Mmmmm Chicken roasting on the open fire!

My first place ribbon, go me!!!

She thinks my tractors sexy, (no clue but my wife made me do it)

Had to do a John Deere or my Mother-in-law would have shot me.

What trip to the fair would be complete without a giant Egyption Coffin head floating about???

The worlds worst caramel apples, and I’m being generous by saying even that!

Kinda makes ya want to hurl huh?

And one last one…

Ok now down to brass tacks, am I planning on giving up my SLR’s anytime soon, not only no but HELL NO.  While the point and shoot was quite compact and lets be honest less than a pound of weight compaired to the 20 or so pounds is nothing to sneeze at, and the pictures itself while a bit grainy were good for the most part, (some magic on noise was worked on by software).  The camera compaired to a SLR is like compairing a Yugo to a Ferrari, while it will get you there, its not going to do it fast or with style, I had hardly any usable portraits, while I would reckon to bet this could be fixed by more time and patience, I have neither ;P.  Also the focusing light on this camera is about the most annoying thing ever, not only does it blind you, but it is a nice sickly orange.  So thats about all I can say on it.

Oh if you also noticed I took a first place ribbon in the “Human Interest” catagory with my Soldier Boy picture.