November 2nd, Pictures from Halloween!!! (Halloween)

Well Halloween was a bit of a letdown, in all our hours waiting, I think we got four or five trick or treaters, when I was a kid on this same street you could barely drive, this street was so crowded with kids.  Ah well I guess time changes everything…

Chance my youngest as Iron Man.

Laceey my oldest, (no sheep were about)

Elijah, the demon!!!

All three together (taken with a quick lens)

A quick bite!

My son Frankie, which we keep locked in the basement!!!

October 6th – October 12th Theme!!!

Well the weather is getting colder, the days getting shorter, and I have a sudden desire for baked goods, ok ok I always have a desire for baked goods but now I want them with more spice…   I think this weeks theme shall be, something that fits with the weather, I know the theme for this week will be… “foliage”